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Christmas Charitable Fair 2017

„On Thursday, December 14th  2017, at Liceul Teoretic Scoala Mea, the 4th edition of a special event,  a charitable Christmas Fair was held in our  school’s cafeteria.

Not only was it a celebration of Christmas, in everything this holiday brings to all of us, making our school’s students happy, bringing parents together with teachers and students, but also a charitable action initiated and arranged by Liceul Teoretic Scoala Mea.

Every class in our school was actively involved in setting-up stalls in the school’s cafeteria where goods and products made by our students with the kind help of their parents and grandparents were sold. Also, in the cafeteria a charitable silent auction was held for a Teddy bear, the winner being our student Angelina Ciuciureanu, grade 4A.


The funds gathered during the Fair were used to buy much needed Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children at: Day and Night Shelter for Homeless Children, District 5, “Casa Iosif” Orphanage, Bucharest-Magurele, ‘Saint Joseph’ Daycare Centre – Bucharest, The Luncile Village Kindergaten – Vrancea County, The Special Needs School Number 1 – Bucharest, and “Ana si Copiii” and “Atelierul de Bine” Associations.

The atmosphere at our school’s Christmas Fair was vivid and warm, students were really engaged in all Christmas Fair’s activities, visibly motivated by the thought that their actions will actually help to make some children happy on Christmas time, if not for more, at least for one day.

Some of our students were singing Christmas carols that they had prepared during the days preceding the event and peaceful, joyful music could be heard everywhere.Some of the presents were already delivered to children at Casa Iosif, Magurele, with the help of Scoala Mea school’s teachers and students who made the trip on the following Saturday.

christmas fair elf.jpg

Each year our school organizes a Christmas Fair where we raise money for charity. This year, each class had to raise money for Sf Iosif orphanage in Magurele. Everyone got involved wishing to raise as much as possible. A few hours before the fair all students went downstairs with their teachers in the cafeteria to arrange the delicacies they baked the night before with their parents or grandparents, or even by themselves.

As the fair began, parents and teachers came in, eager to buy the delicious food each class had. Looking around, I saw cupcakes with Christmas patterns, winter images and much more, even the gingerbread was, as always, present on most of the tables. The smell of cinnamon along with the smell of fruit punches were surrounding us.


The little kids came in as well with their teachers to buy and enjoy the christmassy atmosphere we created. In the background the Christmas carols made everything better. The students were extremely polite with the customers, serving them in the best way possible.

I enjoyed it very much, and together with my class we raised a lot of money. The next day we went shopping for the kids at the orphanage, and we bought different gifts such as shoes, clothes, chocolate and much more. We hope we made their Christmas special and we had an amazing time with them.”

by Iohanna Cristea 11th grade


„The Christmas fair was awesome. All grades from 5th to 12th grade took part at the fair. Every class made lots of money, that was planned for the children with less posibilities. Our grade, class 5B, gave all the money to Casa de copii Sf. Iosif- Magurele.

We all worked hard for the children. At the end of the fair our table with products was empty. We had lots of decorations and candy. The candy tasted very good. Our class worked with the 9th and the 11th grade. We had mobile sellers that walked through the room and convinced people to buy from our stall.


Vlad and I were the ones at the stall who convinced the parents and kids to have a look at our products and if they like something, to buy it.

The fair took place at LTSM’s cafeteria. The staff from our school gave the children lemonade, because it was hot there.

Every stall had different products, most of them handmade. Every class had one poster with a message and eventually a drawing. We didn’t rest until we sold all the products.

We even sold a giant toy dog, that cost 200 lei. We even sold coffee and hot chocolate.


casa sf iosif 2.jpg

On Friday, the day after the fair, we bought the presents for the children and we took them to Casa de Copii Sf Iosif on Saturday. All the children were very happy with their gifts.”

by Eric Scumpu, grade 5B


„The Christmas fair is a fund-raising event in which every pupil collects money to help disadvantaged children. This year we brought everything from sweets to handcrafted decorations, made by the students in our class.

After we ate lunch, everyone went downstairs in the cafeteria to prepare their stalls. The tables were full of baked goods, crafts, savory food and a variety of beverages. It was just like in a festive movie!

The air was filled with happiness, joy and ambition to raise the most money.  Every single coin was important to each and every one of us. The idea of helping the orphans was overwhelming for all the people in that room.

casa sf iosif 1.jpg

For it is worth mentioning that all the money we managed to raise were put to good use: teachers and students from Liceul Teoretic Scoala Mea, on the Saturday that followed the Christmas Fair, went shopping for essential things like clothing and toothbrushes and, of course, toys, for the children from Sf Iosif orphanage in Magurele, near Bucharest.

casa sf iosif.jpg

Afterwards, teachers and students went to visit the orphanage and gave the children their Christmas presents and never have they seen so much happiness around them.

Merry Christmas!

by Poorsafar Anahita, Stancu Nora and Alessia Grecu  8th grade A

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